“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius

Sailing the Seas of Cheese: a voyage through the soft sounds of Easy Listening (feat. Janell Tuttle)

Jordan guides us on a tour through the mellow sounds of Soft Rock, Yacht Rock, Easy Listening, and other forms of “grown folks” music. With special guest, Janell Tuttle.   https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season_03/LTMBYM_Seas_of_Cheese_p1.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

Neil Young (Feat. Brian Watts)

This episode has been a long time coming. In case you can’t tell, we here at Let the Music Be Your Master (most of us, at least) are fans of Neil Percival Young. He is featured on our Tshirts and even our tiny little logo on your web browser tab, and I think embodies a […]

TV Theme Hall of Fame

Wherein we wax nostalgic about our favorite themes of TV shows past and present. https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season_03/LTMBYM_TV_Themes.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

Virtuosos (Feat. Michael Hicks)

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Michael Hicks, professor emeritus of music composition at Brigham Young University, to discuss the idea of musical virtuosos and share some of our favorite examples. https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season_03/LTMBYM_Virtuoso.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

Genealogy / Posterity

To kick off Season 3 of LTMBYM, we are exploring the geneology of some of our favorite bands. Jordan gave us the challenge to choose an artist from the 60’s or earlier, and then trace their musical influence lineage through the decades. https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season_03/LTMBYM_Geneology.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

Christmas Favourites

Tune in as we wrap up 2021 (and Season 2 of LTMBYM) with some of our favorite Christmas songs. Featuring a brilliant Christmas Medley by our own Sir Ricks-a-Lot. Plus a shoutout to all our fans in Guelph, Canada!     https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season-02/LTMBYM_Christmas.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

1971: The Greatest Year in Music History? (Part 1)

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of all the great albums released in 1971, we visit this seminal year in music history to make our own Definitive, yes Definitive, compilation album (now available at Media Play and Sam Goody record stores nationwide). https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season-02/LTMBYM_1971p1.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More

Hip Hop Battle Royale (Feat. H.T.)

Things get feisty as we nominate hip hop tracks to go head to head and see who wins. Tune in to see who has the best picks and/or the most conveniently fluid and vague definition of what does or doesn’t qualify as hip hop. https://media.blubrry.com/letthemusicbeyourmaster/letthemusicbeyourmaster.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Season-02/LTMBYM_HipHopBattleRoyale.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | More