Season 4! Album Swap

Did you know that last episode was the season finale of season 3? Neither did we. What makes a season in a podcast? No clue. But here we are, episode 1 of Season 4. If there was a theme or goal of season 3, it was to get a variety of guests on the pod. And I’d say we were pretty successful. We got a chance to talk with Gentry Densley, Steve Kesler, Pete Baumann, Janell Tuttle, Brian Watts, Michael Hicks, and Brian Croxall (2 or 3 times!). Great stuff. This season we’re planning on focusing on the Album as an art form. For the first episode, each of us was assigned a secret Santa podcast member and we had to choose an album the we loved that they had never listened to and they would give it a serious listen and report back on their thoughts and feelings. After this episode, I think we all came away with the same burning question: Does Steve like New Wave because it’s fun? Or is Steve fun because he likes New Wave? That one won’t be answered today, and probably not tomorrow, but there’s plenty of fun to be had in this episode and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

album swap

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